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About Us

    Kovaikadaiveethi is an authentic shopping site that enables to shop quality products at affordable price.  It sells almost all products covering Grocery, Fashions including Clothing ,Accessories, Watches, Foot wears, kids toys, etc,,

      We focus at quality products delivered in best timings at best rates. Many Vendors join together to sell their products in a best Rates,Offers,Exclusive Discounts. Our main moto is Customer satisfaction. We aim at delivering quality products at best rates to your door steps. 

       We focus not only on Customers,we also give ample preference to our Sellers. This site enable oneself to buy and also to sell their products,when joined as a Vendor.

       This site is easy accessible unlike other sites. Whatsapp option given enables one to enquire, suggest or shop through it. Customer Care can also be connected through Support Tickets and Message options. 

     We need your kind support to establish our trade,Expand it and thereby beneficial to many small Vendors.

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